School Council

Hillcrest Public School Parent Council

Meeting Minutes

February 26th, 2014



Marc Laurente

Karen Bocskay

Christine Hancock

Rebecca Shiry

Bill Morrow

Rachel Morrow


  1. Shoppers Drug Mart on Holiday Inn Drive donated to Dance-a-thon
  • Letter going out
  • Possible volunteers required
  • Christine, Karen and Rachel are available to volunteer


  1. Bike Rodeo
  • Intent of Bike Rodeo is to encourage students to walk or bike to school
  • Confirm date: June 6th, 2014 (date is to work around EQAO Grade 6: May 27-29 and Grade 3: June 2-4)
  • Hespeler Village will loan school signage


  • Hespeler Village Meeting is on March 20th, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. St. Lukes Church.  School is always interested in building community partnerships
  • Contact person for Hespeler Village is Amanda Horn
  • Hespeler Village is holding their own Bike Rodeo on May 31st, 2014
  • The Hespeler Village Bike Rodeo will have a bike helmet outreach program for those who are in need of a helmet but do not have the resources for one


  • Bill is to call The Hub and look into possible partnership with school’s Bike Rodeo
  • Bill is looking into a possible Waterloo Regional Police motorcycle demonstration for students on our tarmac


  1. Safety Com.


  1. Ice Cream Social
  • Date: June 19th, 2014 at 6:30-8:00 p.m.
  • Outdoor movie night often becomes a “policing effort” and there are additional fees associated so the idea has been “scrapped”
  • Ideas for the Ice Cream Social are: face painting, games and music
  1. Survey
  • Laura was to complete and email (still needs to be completed)




  1. Complete the Principal Profile


  1. Rise to Success: Supporting Your Child In School



  1. Saturday April 12, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. – 2:45 p.m.
  2. At Bluevale Collegiate Institute, 80 Bluevale St. North, Waterloo
  3. Attendance is free, registration is required at (519-570-0003 x 4555)
  4. Keynote Speaker is Michael Reist, author of What Every Parent Should Know About School


  1. Upcoming Grants
  • Evergreen Garden Grant
  • Creation of gardens on school property, at the figure 8 Kindergarten sand area
  • Mr. Laurente will apply for grant



  1. We have numerous grants that have been paid out, however, current contractors are on-site and we can only have one contractor on-site at a time
  • No real estimate for completion
  • Plan for outdoor classrooms
  • There is already an outdoor classroom in the back field
  • Rocks are there but not in place yet
  • Plan for terraced armour stones in front of school


  1. Joint Accom
  • Raised funds for books
  • Everyclass has a data projection and document camera
  • Ipad access
  • Currently happening, ipad mini for classrooms
  • Kindergarten incidentals such as tables, wagons


  1. Safe Welcome Program
  • Safety drills have been completed
  • Parents in building must first sign in at office
  • Front school door will be locked, people will need to be buzzed in
  • Camera installed at front door, no date so far for instillation but will be happening soon
  • A reminder to drop kids at door will go out when instillation is implemented


  1. Bill Morrow
  • Suggested lines to be drawn on tarmac to indicate how close parents are to stand at door arrival and dismissal (reduce crowding)
  • Mr. Laurente will research and bring up to staff for approval


  1. Yard duty split k-3 and 4-6


  1. Bill and Rachel Morrow asked if volunteers will require police checks
  • Some volunteers  -yes
  • School trips  -no
  • School board does not require at this time
  • Police Check
    • Possibly require for volunteers
    • Maybe require for next school year
    • If implemented, it will be announced in June of this year to give time to parents since police checks take time (several weeks) to complete
    • Cost of a volunteer police check is $10.00


10. International Stand Up to Bullying was today


  1. 11.  Bill Morrow to create and email out Parent Council Survey


Hillcrest School Council – April  9 2014


In Attendance: Christine Hancock, Michele Johnston, Rebecca Shiry, Karen Bocskay, Marc Laurente, Kim McMullen, Bill Morrow, Rachel Morrow, Marietta Snetsinger, Heather Horsey

Previous Business:

  1. Grants – applied for Evergreen Garden Grant – we did not qualify for Watershed Championship Award because we are not located on a watershed
  2. Police Checks will be required for volunteers working one on one with students without teacher/staff supervision September 2014
  3. Papou’s – sub sandwich days will proceed alternate weeks to pizza days Fall 2014– $5 – Parent volunteers needed
  4. Ice Cream Social June 19 time of event changed 2:30 – 4:30 or 5 Marietta presented info from The Lunch Lady .85/serving with spoon delivery 2:30 on day of event. Still waiting to hear from Remember Me for quote – Marietta to find out if napkins can be included in the price –  Karen RSVP to be sent out via School Day to help predict numbers beyond our 400 students who will attend. Dairy free option Chapman’s Rocket popsicles 200 to be ordered from grocery store and picked up day of the event. (Assign task at next meeting)  A minimum of 3 Parent Volunteers needed to serve. Stamp hands to keep track of those served. One ice cream/popsicle per person. It was decided not to pursue face painting and other activities discussed for this event in order to make the best use of our limited volunteer resources.
  5. Bike Rodeo June 6Bill Morrow and Mrs. Kay -grades 4,5,6 only-during school hours. Activities will include bicycle obstacle/activities outdoors and indoor bike safety education segment. Police will be present, Hub Bike shop will be present.
  6. Outdoor classrooms will be moved/redesigned when weather permits likely June
  7. Excessive Traffic VolumeEncourage all parents and students to walk to school – decided to create an incentive – scooter giveaway – 2 scooters (1 primary 1 junior) will be purchased by School Council (Marc)from Toys R Us for draw held at the Ice Cream social June 19.  One Ballot will be given to each student for each day they walk to school to enter into the draw for the scooter. Other prizes welcome.
  8. Our last portable classroom will be removed from schoolyard and music room will become a regular classroom
  9. Current enrollment for 2014-15 JK is at about ½ of previous years


Next meeting : May 21 2014 6:15 in the Library