At Hillcrest, we are a unique school.  We are tucked away in a wooded lot; connected by walking pathways; down the street from the Ellacott Look-Out onto the Speed River; and most importantly we are in the heart of Hespeler!  We are a school that was built in 1965 and added onto in 1983, 2001, and 2013.  This school has seen many changes over its history; but one thing has remained constant: Hillcrest is a fixture in the community.  This year alone we have lived our Value Statement of:  Respect of: Self, Others, the Environment, and the Community.

We are vibrant community of learners that respects ourselves and others in and outside of the school.  Our students are engaged learners in their classrooms and are so respectful of each other on the playground, in class, and when they help each other out.  We are always respectful of the environment at Hillcrest.  We value our beautiful surroundings and do our part to keep it clean and litter free.  AND we respect our community.  We have raised funds to support local causes and collected food for the local Food Bank.  We are a proud school community.