Hillcrest School Council Meeting Minutes

Wednesday October 7th 2015

5:30pm – 6:30pm

School Library


In attendance:

Marc Laurente, School Principal

Christine Hancock

Catharine Marchand

Annette Bolt

Hugo Crispin

Mandy Bowman

Tracey MacPhee

Ann Singh

Hugh Currie

Fletcher Falls

Devon DaSilva

Danielle Falls

Sandra Hickey


-Pizza Days will start on October 21st.  Will take place on every Wednesday until Jan 6th 2016.  Forms have been sent home.


-Papou’s Subs will start early November.  Will take place on alternating Tuesdays (opposite week from the Lunch Lady).  Forms will be sent home in the coming weeks.


-QSP Magazine and Cookie Dough Fundraiser will start late October.  Principal Laurente will touch base with QSP before any plans are made.  Volunteers will be needed to distribute forms (1 hour) and distribute cookie dough when it arrives in later November for 1-3hrs. (Danielle and Tracey)


-“Cake Walk” is set for February.  Volunteers will be needed to supply baked goods. (Christine to coordinate)


-Stuff-A-Cruiser will take place April 7th-14th 2016. (Danielle to contact Food Bank, Marc to contact police department)


-Holiday food drive will take place November 30th –December 10th 2015. (Danielle to contact Food Bank, Marc to contact fire department)


-Bike Rally (Primary and Junior) planned for 1st week of June 2016.  Exact date to be determined.  Co-chairs for planning this event are Mandy and Tracey.  The day of the event additional parent volunteers will be needed (Hugh, Hugo, and Catharine).  HVNA will need to be contacted for a bike rally kit: 519-240-3567.  Also discussed: supplying bike bells, helmet fittings, and having a local bike shop come in for bike tune-ups.  Marc has the bike stations in his office.


-Planning ahead: Meet the teacher night and BBQ/Scholastic Book Fair.  Scheduled for September 2016.  Hugh will look into vendors for the evening, Fletcher will look into possible alternatives to caterers.


-End of school year picnic proposed.  Parents/guardians/siblings/grandparents invited to join the students over second nutrition break to celebrate the completion of the school year.  Dates and details to be determined.  (Mandy)


-As a go forward, School Council Co-Chairs will be Tracey MacPhee and Danielle Falls.


Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday November 11th at 5:30pm in the school library.  Everyone is welcome. 




Minutes by Annette Bolt/Catharine Marchand/Marc Laurente