For this food drive we will primarily be collecting cans – but students are allowed to bring in whatever they or their families see fit.

We will be having a competition for whoever can make the largest CANstruction. Although it is called a CANstruction, classrooms can use whatever materials they have brought in to create their structures.

On October 8, 2014 (Day 1) classes will be asked to build their CANstruction outside of their classroom door by Period 7 (12:30). So that classes can come by and take a look at the CANstructions.

Each classroom will vote on their favourite structure.

Each classroom should keep track of how many cans they have used in their CANstruction.

Each classroom will also receive a box that students can place their items in through the week (this will be kept in the classroom).


– Gluten free
– Peanut free
– School snacks
– Canned vegetables
– Canned meat
– Apple juice
– Flour
– Canned pasta
– Canned fruit
– Real fruit pack juice
– Oil
– Wow butter
– Cereal